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用部omnia II I8000影嘅, 係冇相機係身嘅時候, 部手機嘅相機都幾有用.

Installed tinyMCE-advanced plugin in wordpress

Making the wordpress editors more intuitive!

Install & boot Win7 in VHD – a short note

1. Create VHD using disk manager, mounted as X:\

1. Install CloneDrive to mount win aik iso , install it

2. run windows aik cmd as administrator

3. imagex /apply d:\sources\install.wim 1 x:\ (D: drive is the DVD ROM with Win7 DVD)

4. imagex /info d:\sources\install.wim (to verify the install.wim)

ImageX Tool for […]

Bought a New Computer to replace the old P4 3.0Ghz home computer

Phyllis finally bought a new computer to replace the old P4 3.0Ghz home computer. Due to its slow speed, we haven’t powered on it quite a long time la.

The New computer configuration :

1. AMD Phenom II x4 925 2.8Ghz (HK $1080)

2. GigaByte MA770-US3 AMD 770/SB701 MB (HK $599)

3. 2x2GB DDR3 1333Mhz […]

我部水貨Samsung Omnia II I8000h上咗windows mobile 6.5

香港行版個 upgrade program NPS好小氣, 唔俾我部水貨upgrade. 台版個upgrade program就乜都唔check(, 所以就upgrade 咗台版個 wm 6.5 ROM I8000HZHIL1

上咗wm 6.5, 覺得個touch screen好似比以前sensitive咗, 個touchwiz轉頁冇以前咁差, call個轉keyboard option比以前快D. 但係samsung以前個screen lock冇咗, 變咗wm 6.5個醜樣廢柴screen lock, 冇得customize. OK, 裝咗個S2U2去replace wm 6.5個screen lock, 但係佢又同個picture contact pro撞. 我又唔想放棄我用開嘅picture contact pro, 足足攪咗兩日, disable咗picture contact pro個caller id 功能(因為s2u2又有呢個功能)同將D 外加嘅鈴聲save番落main memory到(我之前save係my storage), 咁就好似ok.

其實我都係用番samsung個ui, wm6.1 同 wm6.5真係唔覺有冇大分別. 其實我用smart phone嘅習慣已經同一般人有D唔同, 因為我唔會用部機上網同check email, […]

2009 CUHK alumni day

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Linux kernel 2.6/CentOS 4 & 5 ‘s clock source under a virtualized environment

Under Linux kernel 2.6, the default system timer is set to 1000Hz which will consumes lot of cpu cycle under a virtualized environment even it is in idle state. To run it under a virtualized environment, suitable kernel parameters should be passed to change the clock source and time divider :

for RHEL-4 32 bits: […]

CentOS 5.4 & VMware server 2 are incompabile

I have tried to install the latest CentOS 5.4 on a old Dell Precision 450 as a host for VMware server 2.0.x. However after the installation, I have found that the VMware server 2.0.x is very unstable, the already horrible web management interface crashed indefinitely, making the console interface nearly useless. I have another server […]

Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird with Custom dpi > 120 in windows

I use a custom dpi > 120 (144) on my 24″ 1920×1200 LCD Monitor under Vista/Win 7. I found Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird are not quite compatible with dpi > 120. The controls of Firefox and Thunderbird are extraordinary large under it and occupies a lot of screen estates. At last I found a way […]

大埔 – 流浪貓

係大埔見到隻流浪貓, 相當精靈. 其實見到流浪貓, 都唔會同佢地太親近. 因為”怕陌生人”都係佢地其中一種生存要素. 呢個世界有好多對小動物殘忍嘅人, 都係遠離我地人類好D