我部水貨Samsung Omnia II I8000h上咗windows mobile 6.5

香港行版個 upgrade program NPS好小氣, 唔俾我部水貨upgrade. 台版個upgrade program就乜都唔check(, 所以就upgrade 咗台版個 wm 6.5 ROM I8000HZHIL1

上咗wm 6.5, 覺得個touch screen好似比以前sensitive咗, 個touchwiz轉頁冇以前咁差, call個轉keyboard option比以前快D. 但係samsung以前個screen lock冇咗, 變咗wm 6.5個醜樣廢柴screen lock, 冇得customize. OK, 裝咗個S2U2去replace wm 6.5個screen lock, 但係佢又同個picture contact pro撞. 我又唔想放棄我用開嘅picture contact pro, 足足攪咗兩日, disable咗picture contact pro個caller id 功能(因為s2u2又有呢個功能)同將D 外加嘅鈴聲save番落main memory到(我之前save係my storage), 咁就好似ok.

其實我都係用番samsung個ui, wm6.1 同 wm6.5真係唔覺有冇大分別. 其實我用smart phone嘅習慣已經同一般人有D唔同, 因為我唔會用部機上網同check email, 部機上網快唔快我根本唔再乎(我平時番工已經上足八個鐘頭網同睇足八個鍾頭電郵, 已經好夠喇), 我都係當部機好似以前部PDA咁用, 儲contacts, 記事同睇報紙(offline ver), 有時聽下歌. 但係有得upgrade, 我就一定會upgrade嘅


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  • bc

    Have you tried using the GPS with your I8000H? My friend has one that cannot detect the GPS for Papago and Mapking. Some topics in the internet mentioned this outstanding problems, slow and even cannot detect GPS. Did you come across these problems? Please let me know how to solve it. Thanks.

  • No, I didn’t have problem using GPS on the i8000H. I have tried Mapking 2007 though I am using Maping G10 currently (both on wm6.1 and wm6.5 ROM). Bear in mind that you need to install GPSgate for the Maping and Papago to work. Enable the use of XTRA server make the positioning faster as well. Moreover, some internet postings said that there’s GPS problem in the first edition of the chinese wm6.5 rom(the K2 version) but this should have been fixed in I8000HZHIL1

  • kenr34

    Would you please let me know how to “將D外加嘅鈴聲save番落main memory到”?

  • just put your 外加嘅鈴聲 in 我的裝置\My Documents\我的來電鈴聲

  • miss ho

    你好 🙂
    我也是水貨i8000h 但download台版個upgrade program後,
    應該要做什麼才能upgrade到 ?

  • unpack and execute the downloaded program. You can see the tutorial from here :

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