Apply user settings via GPO from a domain user not under your controlled OU

By default, the GPO user settings of a specific ou will not apply to the domain user not under that ou. There’s a GPO setting which can direct the system to apply the set of Group Policy objects for the computer to any user who logs on to a computer affected by this setting. It […]

full download and progress download mp4 with JW player

I found some mp4 trans-code by some encoder (eg: handbrake with default profile) need full download before playing in JW Player while some mp4 can be played using the progressive download method

The below is the reason and the fix :

It has to do with the moov atom on an mp4 being placed at […]

Installing CUDA on Ubuntu 12.04

One point to remind is that you need to leave nvidia-current package in the Ubuntu to resolve the ubuntu-desktop dependencies.

Increase the tx and rx buffer for vmxnet3 and e1000 virtual NIC for VMWare

To deploy a vm doing routing between virtual NIC, you may need to increase the tx and rx buffers of the NIC to cope with burst traffic.

– To show the current tx and rx buffer of your NIC

ethtool -g eth0

– To increase the tx and rx buffer to the max preset

ethtool […]

Ubuntu : cannot mute the speaker after inserting the headphone by default

It seems that the Ubuntu (up to 12.04) will not mute the speaker after inserting the headphone to the headphone jack. After searching for solution for a while, I found the below trick work :

Install gnome-alsamixer and check headphone jack sense