Thecus 5200 Pro

Highlight of collapsed thread with unread message in Thunderbird

The default highlighting mechanism for collapsed threads that contain an unread message is to underline it. However, I found that this visual clue is not enough

The below code in userChrome.css can make the collapsed threads with unread message both highlighted and in read color

/* change unread thread color */ treechildren::-moz-tree-cell-text(container, closed, hasUnread, […]

ios 5 iphone cydia apps

Some cydia apps I’m using :

wifi booster ios 5 from GroupRinger firebreak (enable ios 5 camera panoramas) WeeKillBackground

Specialized distributions to turn your PC into a router

1. RouterOS


3. PfSense

4. BrazilFW

2012達寶 & Sunshine

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Find patches and updates for VMware ESXi

An interesting PowerPoint presentation Online alternative – Prezi

Online photo editor

Advanced Firewall Configurations with ipset

Required linux kernel >= 2.6.35. RHEL 6.2 is have only half way support since the ipset tool is missing.


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