Specialized distributions to turn your PC into a router

1. RouterOS


3. PfSense

4. BrazilFW

An interesting PowerPoint presentation Online alternative – Prezi

Online photo editor

PHP software repository

Make a bootable USB thumbdrive with recovery tools

HIren’s Boot CD :

How to Make :

1. Use USB disk storage Format to format the thumb drive : Format the drive as FAT format

2. Rn Grub4Dos Installer :

3. Select “Whole Disk (MBR)” in the Part List drop box

5. Download Hiren Boot CD.iso and mount it

6. copy […]

Xero Free Filter plugins for Photoshop

Free CMS evaluation

My livesignature

A website to create your personal signature

Fences 分類擺放桌面圖示

teamviewer Great to setup temporarily remote desktop like connection between two machines. Support Windows & Mac and it require minimal setup.