Bought a Nissin di866 flash!!

I have never used to flash photography. For taking indoor photos, I usually just push the ISO. However, recently after I have tried the Canon 580 EX II, I found that I can get a totally new tone for taking indoor photos: a very sharp and crisp image.

Finally I rushed to buy the […]

Crystal disk mark

For My core i7 machine with ASUS P6T deluxe MB(X58+ICH10R) running Win7 64 bits

c:\ drive (single 500GGB SATA DISK)

Sequential Read : 114.117 MB/s Sequential Write : 115.773 MB/s Random Read 512KB : 35.597 MB/s Random Write 512KB : 73.242 MB/s Random Read 4KB : 0.646 MB/s Random Write 4KB : 2.087 MB/s

Test […]


blockdev & PERC 6i RAID controller

Recently I have done some informal disk performance test on my newly arrived workstations. (copy a 1GB text file on the same file system).

On a Dell Precsion T3500 with Linux software RAID1 of 2x500GB SATA disk with AHCI enabled :

[root@gsx42 disk1]# time cp a b real 0m4.499s user 0m0.054s sys 0m1.367s

On our […]

configure mod_auth_mysql on self-compiled Apache 2.2.x

Recently I have a need to configure a web directory to have user authentication to access its content. The simplest way is to use .htaccess + htpasswd. However,the requirement specified that the user should be able to change their assigned password later. This requirement make me can’t use the traditional file based authentication (password hard-coded […]





Bought a new tripod

Induro AKB0 adventure kit

have done a little bit research on tripod. Many people in forums will recommend you to spend several thousand dollars to buy a decent tripod which will be useful for many years. However, tripod of this class is certainly over cost to me. I have tried this one and […]