Bought a new tripod

Induro AKB0 adventure kit


have done a little bit research on tripod. Many people in forums will recommend you to spend several thousand dollars to buy a decent tripod which will be useful for many years. However, tripod of this class is certainly over cost to me. I have tried this one and found its cost (HK $800), weight (only 1.2Kg with the ball head and the leg), load (It can hold my Canon EOS 400D + Tarmon 18-270mm LENS firmly, they weight about 1kg) and height (with raised center column) are all fit to my requirement. Another brand I would consider is Benro (actually Benro & Induro is the same…..) but I still think that this model is a bargain.


Gitto VGR 9254-S1

型號: Giottos VGR9254-S1
分類: 三腳架套裝
材質: – 腳管: 鋁全金
摺合高度: 42 cm
最低高度: 42.4 cm
展開高度: – 展開中軸: 153.8 cm
– 不展開中軸: 128.5 cm
中軸直徑: (廠商未有提供)
腳管分段: 4 段
腳管直徑: 25 mm
腳管張開角度: (廠商未有提供)
淨重: 1.49 kg
負重: 4 kg
腳管鎖: 旋緊式
連接螺絲呎吋: 3/8″ 或 1/4″
其他: 可變成單腳架使用
– 展開高度: 160.4 cm
– 最低高度: 79.8 cm

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