HDR using a single RAW

This is a interesting topic since it need quite a lot of setup to take multiple exposure of the same scene (at least a tripod). If this can be done using single RAW file, the possibilities is unlimited to me.

Using samples from photomatix



My testing



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Free DVD ripper

WinX DVD Ripper

haven’t tried it but it claims it is complete free.

Freeware to help reduce high ISO noise

光影魔术手 : apart from reduce high ISO noise, have many other photo retouching function like watermarks, passport photo formatting, etc. It is a shareware previously, now it is completely free but the latest version is only available in 簡體 Need to use with applocale to have proper interface display


Passport Photo (學生相/證件相) DIY 1.8

A simple software to help to make passport like photos

Windows 7 & VHD

Windows 7 natively support VHD, still thinking of possible ways of utilizing this feature in my environment.

Windows 7 Boot from VHD 在Windows XP上使用VHD安装Windows7


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Microsoft live mesh

Just tried Microsoft live mesh ( It is a service to sync files between different computers (most importantly, it works with MacOSX). It provide a tool to operate right on your desktop just like a folder and a web interface as well. Moreover, you can also invite your friends to read/edit files in that folder […]

zoomit from microsoft technet

ZoomIt is screen zoom and annotation tool for technical presentations that include application demonstrations.

I found this tool quite handy to zoom out small text or during presentation. Much convenient that the Magnifier builtin in Vista. Moreover, MacOSX 10.5 also provide similar function in the accessibility control panel

You can download it from MS technet […]

Using linux ethernet bridge to counter arp posioning

arp poisoning within LAN (usually a client infected with a virus/Trojan and it spoof the default router mac addr and take the network down or by ddos the default router with arp) is one of attack that is a bit difficult to defense. Subnetting the network into much more smaller part can reduce the impact […]