Enable “blog this photo” from flickr for self-hosted wordpress blog

Go to your WordPress Settings, to the “Writing” settings page, about half way down there’s a check box next to “XML-RPC: Enable the WordPress, Movable Type, MetaWeblog and Blogger XML-RPC publishing protocols.”

Make sure that box is CHECKED.

PC antispyware 2010

我有個同事中咗, clean咗成兩日….佢連個kasperky都隊瓜咗, 用張UBCD boot起部機行番個kasperky連9月1日個pattern就scan到好多 files infected, clean完之後再reboot部機個PC antispware又係係番到, 我超. 佢個 manual clean procedure又鬼死咁長, 最後download咗個自稱remove pc antispyware嘅 program (, 都唔知係咪真野, 算, 部機又唔係我嘅, 理佢咁多, 照裝. 最後攬掂, 但係個kasperky就再裝唔到, 裝完license都話no license, 冇佢咁好氣, 裝番個free嘅AVG算數, 都係嗰句, 又唔係我部機.

Windows 7 & VHD

Windows 7 natively support VHD, still thinking of possible ways of utilizing this feature in my environment.

Windows 7 Boot from VHD 在Windows XP上使用VHD安装Windows7

Using linux ethernet bridge to counter arp posioning

arp poisoning within LAN (usually a client infected with a virus/Trojan and it spoof the default router mac addr and take the network down or by ddos the default router with arp) is one of attack that is a bit difficult to defense. Subnetting the network into much more smaller part can reduce the impact […]

Installation of Adobe CS3 on Vista x64: A @!#$% journery

I have spent nearly 2 days to install this software on my Vista machine. The installer program is really written badly and it really wasted me a lot of time.

First, I had to uninstall the original Adobe CS2 on my machine and really really unlucky, I think I have got a bad installation disk […]

Core i7 920 overclock超頻

用Core i7 920嘅最主要原因, 當然係因為佢可以輕鬆超頻. 如果唔係佢得2.66Ghz, 真係搵鬼買佢.

Config :

1. Core i7 920 2.66Ghz with stock cooler (HK $2320)

2. Asus P6T Deluxe V2 (HK $2390)

3. Kingston DDR3 1333Mhz 2GBx3 (HK $760)

4. Inno GTX 260+ Gold (HK $1299)

5. Seagate 1TB 7200.12 x2 (HK $1500)

6. LG DVD-RW (HK $170)

7. 3R K-100 case […]

Free burner program免費燒錄程式

1. ImgBurn : 程式細, 支援ISO和BIN/CUE image

2. DeepBurner Free : 功能出色

Online HTML (WYSIWYG) Web Page Editor

Online HTML (WYSIWYG) Web Page Editor

I use it to format the HTML codes to insert into wordpress posts

wordpress plugin : wp-hightlight

Installed the plugin wp-highlight to highlight search terms

Power rating of home applicance

1. ASUS WL500 : ~12W

2. Eight Group settop box : ~8W

3. Philip 26″ LCD TV : 52W

4. ASUS EEEPC 1000H : charge : 12W, on AC & charge : 16W

5. Compaq nx 8220 NB : on AC without battery : ~1.34W-2.34W Max : 18W

6. AirCond at Bedroom (energy saving model […]