Sun Fire V210 PSU Fan failed

已經冇咗保養, 要自己折出來整.

2009-10-25 達寶

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Hong Kong Park

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貓貓, 花墟

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最Q係佢, 真係好似一個毛毛球

wedding snapshot

Have taken some wedding snapshots for my sister in law

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I like this website :

The photos are great.

XP Style DPI Scaling

For whatever PCs I owned, the 1st customization I will do is to change the DPI scaling (except Mac which don’t have this option, I am still finding apps which can do this). For 1920×1200, I use 144 DPI and 139 DPI for 1600×1200. Of this, there’s a XP Style DPI Scaling checkbox which I […]

Fences 分類擺放桌面圖示

finding large files in Vista/Windows 7

In the search box type, eg: size: > 50 MB

Refer to

VMware ESXi 4 Deployment on Dell PowerEdge Server with OpenManage 6.1 (updated for OpenManage 7.1 and windows 7 as client)

This is just served as a working notes for me.

1. Download VMware ESXi 4.0 Installable Edition from here:

2. Put the ESXi 4 Installable Edition in a USB thumbdrive, instructions can be gotten from . Or after you get the dd image, you can just use the linux dd to put it […]