VMware ESXi 4 Deployment on Dell PowerEdge Server with OpenManage 6.1 (updated for OpenManage 7.1 and windows 7 as client)

This is just served as a working notes for me.

1. Download VMware ESXi 4.0 Installable Edition from here:

2. Put the ESXi 4 Installable Edition in a USB thumbdrive, instructions can be gotten from . Or after you get the dd image, you can just use the linux dd to put it […]

Differences between Dell PE T710 & T610

T710 T610 Rack Tower/5RU

Height: 46.63cm (18.4″) Length: 73.18cm (28.9″) (overall including bezel) Width: 21.79cm (8.6″) Weight (maximum config): 35.3kg (78.0lb)


Height: 44.10cm (17.40”) (with feet) Width: 27.40cm (10.80”) Depth: 62.10cm (24.40”) (includes PSU with bezel) Weight (maximum config): 35 kg (77lb) Weight (empty): 20.2 kg (45.30lb)

Processor Intel […]

Dell Precision T3500

Not quite satisfactory with it, I think my DIY corei7 machine is having a better built quality than it. It will be used for running VMs. May be I will try to use DIY machine for the next batch since I don’t need to have dual CPU. A single quad core CPU nowadays is sufficient. […]

Dell PowerEdge T610

Dell’s Nehalem line of server

Power Consumption when powered off : ~12W, when idle (with 1×5540 processor & 4xSAS 500GB nearline disk) : ~135W

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