Dell Precision T3500

Not quite satisfactory with it, I think my DIY corei7 machine is having a better built quality than it. It will be used for running VMs. May be I will try to use DIY machine for the next batch since I don’t need to have dual CPU. A single quad core CPU nowadays is sufficient. With single CPU, the cooling requirement is much more simpler.

BTW, I have tested esxi 4 on it as well. Both the SATA disk and the onboard nic can be detected.

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  • Max

    What do you mean by the T3500’s build quality being unsatisfactory? Can you say a few more words about it? I am looking to buy one myself.


  • It is just my personal opinion. It has only one cooling fan at the front of the machine when compared to older model like Precision 470. There’s no cooling fans at the back. May be the new Intel CPUs it used has a much lower thermal envelop than before and this can made the machine quiet but I am still a bit uncomfortable about this.

  • Max

    Noted. Thanks for your explanations.

  • Ric

    It’s only got one fan compared to the several in the precision 470. However, compare the CPU TDP between the two systems. There’s a good reason it only needs one fan. The CPU power consumption, and hence heat output is much lower in the T3500 than in a Precision 470.

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