Simple .procmailrc format

In other words, your recipe is being used, but the pattern you give does not match the incoming mail. I think you are hoping that “^FROM” is a special procmail expression, like “^TO”, “^FROM_DAEMON”, and “^FROM_MAILER”; unfortunately, this is not the case. What you meant is probably:

* ^From:.*jane

However, that would catch mail from […]

Installation of mailman on CentOS 5 with sendmail

See the references in


Making some stunning photos using the PS plugin : Fractalius

達寶四月collection again


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大陸一天遊 : 順德逢簡水鄉黃媽媽私房菜

自從十年前去過台北嘅超值團, 都冇再去過呢D超值嘅購物團. 呢D團都預咗要去好多購物點. 雖然係平, 但係就好嘥時間, 絕對係唔啱我呢D人去(一定唔會買野嘅人). 但係我就未參加過XX徦期, 係好奇同價錢同要請一日徦嘅前提之下, 就參加咗(大佬呀, 團費$99+50小費, 唸咁多做乜??).

結果就當然同預計一樣, 係好嘥時間, 一日要坐成九個鐘頭旅遊巴(三個幾鍾頭由深圳去中山, 兩個幾鍾頭由中山去順德黃媽媽, 再搭三個幾鍾頭車由順德返羅湖. 如果你鍾意坐過山車都ok嘅, 因為架旅遊巴會成日係條公路到左穿右插, 都幾過癮), 過五關斬六將去食一餐. 真係去一次就夠哂, 叫做試過吓啦. 不過佢中午嗰餐都幾好食, 好食過好多團體餐. 而黃媽媽嗰餐更在一般水準之上. 唉, $148都唔夠食一餐lunch buffet, 所以只可以話呢個團唔係俾我呢D人參加, 我就寧願佢收貴D變半日團而唔駛去咁多購物點, 不過到時又可能唔夠客呢!

早上八點鐘開始係羅湖坐車, 十一點幾到咗中山嘅製藥基地(??). 第一個節目就係向我地sell田七. 佢地口中嘅田七係無所不能, 能醫百病, 絕無副作用. 見我地一場嚟到, 連本來留俾領導人嘅貨都會攞埋出嚟. 其實當睇緊警訊都ok嘅.


↑雲南少數民族賣茶葉, 我係呢到用咗$20RMB買咗筒甘桔.

↑鉅記賣杏仁餅, 後面就係養雞嘅…..

↑蒙古村, 估唔到除咗雲南少數民族係到搵食, […]

Free Mac files backup program

1. get backup :


disable ipv6 on CentOS

How do I disable IPv6?

Edit /etc/sysconfig/network and set “NETWORKING_IPV6” to “no” Add the following to /etc/modprobe.conf : alias ipv6 off alias net-pf-10 off Run /sbin/chkconfig ip6tables off to disable the IPv6 firewall Reboot the system

Alternative (which might be easier and works on any release with /etc/modprobe.d):

# touch /etc/modprobe.d/disable-ipv6 # echo […]

ubuntu X display no title bar

This is because there’s problem btw the nvidia driver and the Compiz Fusio

Add the below options in xorg.conf :

Section “Device” Identifier “Device0” Driver “nvidia” VendorName “NVIDIA Corporation” BoardName “Quadro NVS 280 SD” BusID “PCI:1:0:0” Option “RenderAccel” “true” Option “Allow GLXWithCompostite” Option “AddARGBGLXVisuals” “True” Screen 0 EndSection

mount network share and add password in keychain in mac

mount -t smbfs // /Volumes/aoeshare

security add-internet-password -a aoe -D “Network Password” -r “smb ” -l “” -s “” -w ‘eoa!@#ao’

Add the password to keychain

security add-internet-password -a aoe -D “Network Password” -r “smb ” -l “” -s “” -w ‘password’ -T “/System/Library/CoreServices/”



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