Things to do after installing Ubuntu

UEFI and Ubuntu

fix ncurses program not working properly under putty terminal

The problem is that PuTTY in UTF-8 mode ignores1 VT100 “Alternate character set” commands, and ncurses attempts to use the “graphical” character set for drawing the GUI. (The box drawing characters are in the same positions as klmqx would normally be.)

export NCURSES_NO_UTF8_ACS=1 it should fix the problem by telling ncurses to always use Unicode […]

Installing CUDA on Ubuntu 12.04

One point to remind is that you need to leave nvidia-current package in the Ubuntu to resolve the ubuntu-desktop dependencies.

Ubuntu : cannot mute the speaker after inserting the headphone by default

It seems that the Ubuntu (up to 12.04) will not mute the speaker after inserting the headphone to the headphone jack. After searching for solution for a while, I found the below trick work :

Install gnome-alsamixer and check headphone jack sense

Ubuntu : hardware senors monitoring


cd /tmp ; arch=$(uname -p) ; if [[ “$arch” = “x86_64” ]] ; then wget ; else wget ; fi ; chmod +x /tmp/indicator-sensors_0.1-1* ; sudo dpkg -i /tmp/indicator-sensors_0.1-1* 11.10

First add the repository:

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:alexmurray/indicator-sensors


sudo apt-get update

And then install the package:

sudo apt-get install indicator-sensors

Then […]

L2TP over IPsec client on Linux and Ubuntu

Finally, a tool which can provide the required UI and generate the suitable configuration for xl2tp, ppp and openswan to provide the L2TP over IPsec on Linux with only a few clicks. I have tested it, it works without problem with my dept ASA applicance and CUHK’s VPN. The only minor problem is that you […]

Install MPlayer Multimedia codecs and Hardware HD decode under Ubuntu

Video Playback with hardware acceleration with libvdpau1 and nvidia binary video driver

Ubuntu 11.04 Unity UI & Xinerama

Running into problem with Ubuntu again. I found that I can’t use Xinerama & Compiz together with Ubunut 10.10 (or earlier version. The problem is that Xinerama is not compatible with Compiz. The obvious solution is to either disable Xinerama (use twinview instead) or Compiz. I really want to use Xinerama as I really need […]

Ubuntu 10.10 booted with a blank screen with Nvidia NVS 295

After clean installation, the machine will be booted with a blank screen.

To solve this (holding shift key to force the grub menu to appear) :

1. Add “nomodeset” and remove “quiet splash” from the grub menu

2. apt-get install nvidia-current