Ubuntu 11.04 Unity UI & Xinerama

Running into problem with Ubuntu again. I found that I can’t use Xinerama & Compiz together with Ubunut 10.10 (or earlier version. The problem is that Xinerama is not compatible with Compiz. The obvious solution is to either disable Xinerama (use twinview instead) or Compiz. I really want to use Xinerama as I really need desktop spanning .

Today I upgraded to Ubuntu 11.04 and would like to have a try on the Unity UI. However, Xinerama break Unity. The obvious reason I think is Compiz can’t work with Xinerama together. I have to choose either Xinerama or Unity again. Actually I just want to configure my Ubuntu desktop similar to my Windows 7 : Supporting desktop spanning across multiple monitors with a little eye candies. It seems that I still need to wait….

(At last, I replace the desktop with a Nvidia display card and use TwinView instead of Xinerama)

HowTo: Dual Monitors (Xinerama/TwinView/MergedFB/Big-Desktop)

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  • topr

    Or you can use ATI card which work with multihead display and Unity.
    NVidia also works with Unity and double head but in TwinView mode not xinerama. You can’t rotate single monitor on pivot though (it’s possible with ATI cards).

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