Manual firewall for MacOSX


Increase the trackball speed on Mac

defaults write -g 7

Only affect trackball, trackpad is unaffected.

Startup key combinations for Intel-based Macs

Keystroke Description Press C during startup Start up from a bootable CD or DVD, such as the Mac OS X Install disc that came with the computer. Press D during startup Start up in Apple Hardware Test (AHT). Press Option-Command-P-R until you hear startup sound a second time. Reset NVRAM Press Option during startup […]

Windows 2008 R2 + Samba 3.0.33 + Mac Snow Leopard 10.6

I have used Samba server to share UNIX home directories to users for a no. of years. For simplicity, the Samba server is configured as pass through mode, ie, the encrypted password of the windows clients are passed to the windows domain controller for authentication without joining the domain. This is used to work until […]

Issues with Mac OS X 10.6 and SMB and AFP file sharing

Adjust brightness of screen in realtime in MacOSX

100 Free Useful Mac Applications

bootup osx86 in safe mode if it is hang

-x32 -v -x -f

Configure Snow Leopard to mount nfs using ports < 1024

Add the -o resvport as the mount option because Linux server will refuse NFS requests coming from a non-reserved (<1024) source port

SoundFlower for Mac

A software on Mac which can allow the routing of sound from Software A to Software B. For example, you can route Youtube’s output to Audacity as input.