Dovecot with MBOX, IMAP and subfolders, or “Target mailbox doesn’t allow inferior mailboxes”

The MBOX format limits your clients to creating subfolders that can either store folders, or emails, not both. When creating a folder, you differentiate between a folder for storing folders or for storing emails by adding or leaving out a forward slash at the end of the folder name: A folder name like ‘withsubfolders/’ will […]

Simple .procmailrc format

In other words, your recipe is being used, but the pattern you give does not match the incoming mail. I think you are hoping that “^FROM” is a special procmail expression, like “^TO”, “^FROM_DAEMON”, and “^FROM_MAILER”; unfortunately, this is not the case. What you meant is probably:

* ^From:.*jane

However, that would catch mail from […]

greylist & gmail outgoing mail servers ip range

Mails sent from are problematic if your primiary MX is using greylist as one of the antispam measure. One of the simple method to get around this is to whitelist ip ranges of the gmail outgoing mail servers. The ip ranges of can be easily found by using the command :

host -t […]

How to avoid Backscatter in Sendmail

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Your MX servers should reject email for unknown users at the SMTP initial transaction and NOT forward them to internal SMTP servers without a “user check”.

Step1: In MX SERVER, add these 4 lines to your “.mc” file in the right place.. FEATURE(access_db, hash -T<TMPF> /etc/mail/access)dnl FEATURE(`blacklist_recipients’)dnl define(`VIRTUSER_TABLE’, `hash -o /etc/mail/virtusertable’)dnl […]