Photoshop selection tools & refine Edge

CS5 Refine edge Tutorial :

Pre-sharping photos in Adobe camera raw

Portrait : Amount : 35, radius : 1.2, Detail : 20, Masking : 70

Landscape : Amount : 40, radius : 0.8, Detail : 50, Masking : 10

Fine Detailed Image : Amount : 40, radius : 0.6, Detail : 80, Masking : 10

Slide detail to 100 = threshold : 0 in unsharpen mask.

Fix the flat red color of photo

Original jpeg output of DPP of the red flowers appeared flat :

Use the HSL Luminance and Saturations sliders in Photoshop camera raw

Apply a negative Luminance adjustment to darken the red, orange and yellow to produce an improved version

The improved version:


Lens profile support for Photoshop CS5

Topaz adjust and HDR

1. duplicate of the original background layer. Rename this new layer multiply. Set the transparency setting to multiply and the opacity to 40%.

2. Keep your multiply layer selected and apply the Topaz Adjust filter to that layer using the preset Mild Color Pop

3. Duplicate the original background layer again and name this layer […]

Photoshop CS5 content aware fill

Very useful to remove unwanted objects in the photo

Digital Photo Professional v3.9.2

Now got a new feature : unsharpen mask

A tutorial of sharpening (好詳細….sharpening都好多學問)

Unsharpen mask setting in Photoshop Amount : 200 radius : no. of megapixel/1000-1500 (0.67 – 1 for 10.1 MP) Threshold : 0

For fine details, a higher Amount and lower Threshold work best, while portraits and areas with smooth […]

Xero Free Filter plugins for Photoshop

Making some stunning photos using the PS plugin : Fractalius

To make a image with colourful subject framed within a black & white scene

I found there’s two ways to do this :

One is using the extract filter in Photoshop CS3

1. Suppose we have two layers of the image, the bottom will be converted to black & white by using the desaturate option; Image> Adjustments>Desaturate (shortcut Ctrl+Shift+U). The upper layer will use extract filter to extract […]