RVP Vivid/Mild/Neutral 及 RDP III PictureStyle

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RVP Vivid:RVP_V 極高對比及偏高銳利度 極高色彩濃度 特別係藍色及紅色 緣色偏向向青綠 天藍色較深 跟正片Fortia SP相似


RVP Mild:RVP_M 中高對比度高銳利度 高濃度色彩 整體光度較原來暗 保留光位細節 黑位沉實 藍色特出 跟正片RVP 100F相似

合於大部份風景及日常找拍 不適合影人

RVP Neutral:RVP_N 大至上同Mild一樣 不過色彩更淡


RDP III:RDP 淡色 中低度對比 保留高光細節 膚色紅潤細滑 面上班點變得不明顯


Digital Photo Professional v3.9.2

Now got a new feature : unsharpen mask

A tutorial of sharpening (好詳細….sharpening都好多學問)

Unsharpen mask setting in Photoshop Amount : 200 radius : no. of megapixel/1000-1500 (0.67 – 1 for 10.1 MP) Threshold : 0

For fine details, a higher Amount and lower Threshold work best, while portraits and areas with smooth […]

Canon DPP(Digital Photo Professional )教學

Canon DPP cannot display Chinese 中文 folder name after upgrade from 3.6 to 3.7 or later

I had suffered this problem for a while on my Windows 7 64 bits when I upgraded my Cannon DPP from 3.6 to 3.7 or later. Initially, I though this was a bug of 3.7. However, when I upgraded to 3.8 lately, the problem still exist. I started to explore to find a solution. I […]