Canon DPP cannot display Chinese 中文 folder name after upgrade from 3.6 to 3.7 or later

I had suffered this problem for a while on my Windows 7 64 bits when I upgraded my Cannon DPP from 3.6 to 3.7 or later. Initially, I though this was a bug of 3.7. However, when I upgraded to 3.8 lately, the problem still exist. I started to explore to find a solution. I changed the system locale to Chinese (Taiwan) and rebooted but no success.

At last, I found the solution. In order to let the DPP 3.7 or later to display Chinese folder name successfully, I have to change the format to Chinese traditional (I let it set to English starting when I use Windows NT 4 [anyway, English NT4 can’t display Chinese without a 3rd party application for the time] many many years ago!!) in the Region & Language setting in the control panel. The system locale did not affect the DPP this time.

I have really stuck this for nearly a MONTH!! and need to use DPP on a Mac instead during the time!!

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