XP Style DPI Scaling

For whatever PCs I owned, the 1st customization I will do is to change the DPI scaling (except Mac which don’t have this option, I am still finding apps which can do this). For 1920×1200, I use 144 DPI and 139 DPI for 1600×1200. Of this, there’s a XP Style DPI Scaling checkbox which I must check because :

1. Checking the option causes non-DPI scaling aware applications to be scaled similar to the way they would have been in XP

2. Un check this option will make some non-DPI aware applications slightly blurry due to scaling effects of the composer

References :

PS: Under the 144 DPI, icons in firefox will be become a mess (very large), solution :

  • about:config
  • right click->new->integer
  • name : layout.css.dpi
  • value : 120

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