Apply user settings via GPO from a domain user not under your controlled OU

By default, the GPO user settings of a specific ou will not apply to the domain user not under that ou. There’s a GPO setting which can direct the system to apply the set of Group Policy objects for the computer to any user who logs on to a computer affected by this setting. It […]

Windows 7 client cannot update its PTR record on Windows DNS server

Microsoft IAS RADIUS for wireless authentication

Using Microsoft Connection Manager Administration kit to create custom VPN connection for clients

The draw back is that you need to use 3 different installations to create all the required connectiods for different windows platforms which make the process :

1. A windows 2008 R2 for Win7 x64 version

2. A Windows 2003 for Windows xp version

3. A Windows 7 i386 installation for the Win7 i386 […]

Add a domain user or group to the local administrators group of a client vi GPO

Wildcard search in ADUC

Format a custom ldap query as below :

Locate obsolete computer records in AD

Change Active Directory Strong Password Policies

open gpmc.msc, change the account password policy of the default domain policy and default domain controller policy

open rsop.msc, to change the result set of policy

Enable fully qualified domain names in DFS

To enable fully qualified domain names in DFS: 1.. If the DFS server hosts a DFS root or replica, remove it from the server. (If you accidentally activated the DfsDnsConfig parameter without removing configuration information, you can clear it by typing dfsutil /clean: computername. 2.. Start Registry Editor and open the following key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Dfs 3.. […]

Setting Up the IIS 6 Password Change Site – IISADMPWD