CentOS 5.4 & VMware server 2 are incompabile

I have tried to install the latest CentOS 5.4 on a old Dell Precision 450 as a host for VMware server 2.0.x. However after the installation, I have found that the VMware server 2.0.x is very unstable, the already horrible web management interface crashed indefinitely, making the console interface nearly useless. I have another server running CentOS 5.2 and VMware server 2.0.x without any problems. I suspected this is the problem of OS and reinstalled the whole with CentOS 5.1. Finally it seems the problems have gone. A little web search find that CentOS 5.4 have issues with  VMware server from a bug report of CentOS :

VMWare host on CentOS-5.4. There is an issue with the new version of glibc (2.5-42) and vmware-hostd. If you are using CentOS-5.4 as a VMWare host machine, you will need to read and take actions per this bug report (#3884).

Really need to have  closed eye on the released notes for any new release, otherwise you will spend lot of times debugging…..

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