Install & boot Win7 in VHD – a short note

1. Create VHD using disk manager, mounted as X:\

1. Install CloneDrive to mount win aik iso , install it

2. run windows aik cmd as administrator

3. imagex /apply d:\sources\install.wim 1 x:\ (D: drive is the DVD ROM with Win7 DVD)

4. imagex /info d:\sources\install.wim  (to verify the install.wim)

ImageX Tool for Windows
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corp. All rights reserved.
Version: 6.1.7600.16385

WIM Information:
Path:        d:\sources\install.wim
GUID:        {7bf33c3a-c5ea-442f-bc19-e23bb486a301}
Image Count: 1
Compression: LZX
Part Number: 1/1
Attributes:  0xc
Integrity info
Relative path junction

Available Image Choices:

5. Use bcdedit to add the win7 vhd into the boot entry :

C:\>bcdedit /copy {current} /d “Windows 7 VHD”
The entry was successfully copied to {ce2dd7bd-f356-11de-82a2-9f0f331b23ba}.

C:\>bcdedit /set {ce2dd7bd-f356-11de-82a2-9f0f331b23ba} device vhd=[C:]\VHD\win7
The operation completed successfully.

C:\>bcdedit /set {ce2dd7bd-f356-11de-82a2-9f0f331b23ba} osdevice vhd=[C:]\VHD\wi
The operation completed successfully.

C:\>bcdedit /set {ce2dd7bd-f356-11de-82a2-9f0f331b23ba} detecthal on
The operation completed successfully.

run the following command to test if your boot entry is successfully created using C:\>bcdedit /v

If you want to delete any existing VHD entry from the Boot Menu you can always use the command C:\>bcdedit /delete <guid> /cleanup

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