Restrict the wordpress login page by IP

Today I just wonder could I restrict the wordpress login page by IP since my wordpress system have only one user and there’s probably no need to allow the world to login my wordpress. Moreover, I also don’t want the hackers to have a chance to attack my admin a/c

After a simple search, the […]

Test on wordpress plugin post-to-facebook

都係試下D簡單嘅plugin, 個wordbook暫時disable佢先, 我唔係個個post都想上facebook架嘛

Test of wordpress wordbook plugin

another wordpress & facebook integation plugin. This plugin uses Facebook API to actively update the facebook wall status and provide good excerpt of the post. Better if it can have an option to select which new post will feed to facebook wall or not.

According to the author, I will have to log in to […]

Test of wodpress add-to-facebook plugin

Testing of integration of wordpress & facebook. It seems the working mechanism of this plugin is quite simple…. and it is mainly targeted to the reader, not post author.

Integration of WordPress & Gallery2

Just find a plugin called WPG2 which can embeds Gallery2 within WordPress to share photos, videos and any other Gallery2 content seamlessly into the WordPress Sidebar and Blog entries.

Put together the widget wpg2-widgets, you can display your gallery2 photos in the sidebar.


WordPress customization : Add Featured Posts Pages

今天想在wordpress做嘅野就係整個featured Posts Page.

因為有時會有D posts想成日都俾人睇到, 唔想佢地因為時日而慢慢變成archive跟住沉底. 我嘅方法就係整個static嘅Page, 然後擺我D featured Posts嘅extract落去, 研究咗成個下晏, 最後都做到, 不過都幾複雜.

首先我試咗呢個Inline Posts Plugin for WordPress, 佢都幾似樣下, 已經做到大部份, 但係冇咗個more tag, 如果個Featured Posts Pages有幾個posts, D人就剩係會見到第一個, 徐非佢慢慢scroll咁睇.

跟住就搵到呢個link: WordPress Tip: How to Display a Specific Post Anywhere You Want, 但係裝咗get a post 同 Content Extract兩個plugins 都係未work.

最後裝埋Exec-PHP plugin for WordPress […]


剩係搵啱用嘅相做個custom header都好花時間下,最後用咗成個下午先整咗三幅header嘅貓相, 裏面有土耳其,澳門同南丫島嘅貓貓,就係冇用屋企嗰隻. 俾佢知道實俾佢咬死,好彩佢唔上網嘅,呵呵.


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