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Install ESXi 4 in USB thumb drive

Pls see this

Reference from

Install esxi 3 on a USB thumbdrive

See this vminfonl-guide-create-an-esx-3i-usb-boot-key

In short :

First get the following tools: 7-Zip(Free), WinImage(Demo) Download the ESXi ISO Open the ISO with 7-Zip Extract “install.tgz” Open “install.tgz” with 7-Zip Click on “install.tar” Browse to “usr\lib\vmware\installer\” Open “VMware-VMvisor-big-3.5.0_Update_2-103909.i386.dd.bz2″ Extract “VMware-VMvisor-big-3.5.0_Update_2-103909.i386.dd” Open WinImage and go to Disk, click on “Restore Virtual Harddisk Image on physical drive” Select a […]

Virtual Machine Guest tagging (VGT) (vlan trunk) in vmware server

To run dot1q vlan on the vmware guest under vmware server, you cannot do this with one NIC, you need at least two NICs. Host OS:

eth0 -> /dev/vmnet0 (for host OS’s management, uplink is vlan trunk) eth1 -> /dev/vmnet3 (for used by guest OS, uplink is vlan trunk)

eth0.4 -> /dev/vmnet4 (for HOST management […]

Vmware ESX server 3 VLAN

Virtual Switch Tagging (VST) VST uses 802.1q VLAN trunks and tagged traffic, as we’ve discussed already. The physical switch treats the ESX Server like any other switch, tagging traffic with the appropriate VLAN tags as it moves across the trunk into the ESX Server’s NICs. The ESX Server then uses the VLAN tags to direct […]

Batch Processing Camera RAW images in Photoshop CS

Moreover, I have found that Canon DPP’s raw to jpeg conversion is a bit worst than photoshop CS’s ACR

A firmware hack for 400D to enable ISO 3200 and Spot Metering – continue

OK, just rushed back home to try this hack on my Canon 400D. Bingo, it works both on my 2GB and 4GB CF Card!! Just posted the ISO 1600 and ISO3200 for comparison here.

↑F5.0, 1/30 ISO16OO ↑F5.0, 1/60 ISO3200 ↑ISO3200 after denoise

The noise level of ISO3200 is acceptable. Furthermore, I can also […]

A firmware hack for 400D to enable ISO 3200 and Spot Metering


1. use a fully charged battery. you need CF card reader and windows. on a mac, use windows under bootcamp/vmware fusion.

2. update to latest firmware (1.1.1) by downloading the latest firmware, copying it into the root of CF, and running “update firmware” in the setup menu.

3. empty your CF, download testfir.fir from […]

teamviewer Great to setup temporarily remote desktop like connection between two machines. Support Windows & Mac and it require minimal setup.