VMware Server 2.0.1 does not see 8 cores on Intel Core i7, only 4

What a pity. I have bought a no. of Dell Servers (PE T610) and workstation using Xeon 55xx. Hope this support will add the to the coming build asap. But will Vmware Server 1.0.x will have update?? I run most of the vms on VMware server 1.0.x wor.;jsessionid=315B9C298F77AFEE72965D4845D7AFD4

Restrict the wordpress login page by IP

Today I just wonder could I restrict the wordpress login page by IP since my wordpress system have only one user and there’s probably no need to allow the world to login my wordpress. Moreover, I also don’t want the hackers to have a chance to attack my admin a/c

After a simple search, the […]

Sync Calendar & Contact data between My Palm, Outook, Windows Mobile & Google

這幾天研究怎樣將我部Palm Treo 650 D calendar & contacts 同步落 outlook 2007, Acer N300 (Windows Mobile) & Google Calendar & Contacts.

1. Google Apps Sync for Outlook可以 Sync between Outlook 2007 同 Google Calendar & Contact. 個flow就可以係甘 : Treo< -> outlook 2007<–>google & WM. 但係Google Apps Sync for Outlook要Google Premium a/c 先用得, 吹脹。

2. 跟住就用google sync for […]

Sample .htaccess for mod_authnz_ldap/mod_auth_ldap for apache

AuthName “Pls login with your username and password” AuthType Basic AuthBasicProvider ldap AuthLDAPURL “ldap://,dc=edu,dc=hk?uid” AuthzLDAPAuthoritative off Allow from mynetwork/24 Deny from all Satisfy Any Require valid-user

This .htaccess will ask the user to enter the usernanme and password when connecting from outside mynetwork/24

Still working on how to do a posix group based authentication, however […]

Writing LDAP search filter

LDAP search filter is useful in Apache LDAP authentication and Ironport.

Under Ironport, I use the below filter to search for valid user with his aliase :


I use the below to search if an user/alias is in a specific posix group :


Under OpenLDAP, to search a user :

ldapsearch -x -b […]