Measure IOPs in Unix/Linux

IOPS = (MBps Throughput / KB per IO) * 1024 Or MBps = (IOPS * KB per IO) / 1024

CentOS/RHEL 6 virtualized guest tuning

1.yum install tuned tuned-utils

2. tuned-adm profile virtual-guest

3. dd if=/dev/zero of=tmpfile bs=1M count=1000

See the tables below :

Profile explanation :

default The default power-saving profile. This is the most basic power-saving profile. It enables only the disk and CPU plug-ins. Note that this is not the same as turning tuned-adm off, where […]

Use NOOP I/O Scheduler for virtualized Linux guest with kernel 2.6 guest on vmware

Refer to

The scheduler can be set for each hard disk unit. To check which scheduler is being used for particular drive, run this command:

cat /sys/block/disk/queue/scheduler

For example, to check the current I/O scheduler for sda:

# cat /sys/block/sda/queue/scheduler [noop] anticipatory deadline cfq

In this example, the sda drive scheduler is set to […]