Nagios nrep “NRPE: Unable to read output” after using sudo

edit /etc/sudoers and comment the below :

#Defaults requiretty

Improving the standard Nagios E-Mail notifications

Tech Tip: Monitoring VMware ESX 3.x, ESXi, vSphere 4 and vCenter Server

A bug in Nagios core 3.3.1 to prevent you from schedule host/service downtime

edit /etc/init.d/nagios, jum to the start) fragment :

add chown $NagiosUser:$NagiosGroup $NagiosCommandFile


if [ -d $NagiosLockDir ]; then touch $NagiosLockDir/$NagiosLockFile; fi echo ” done.”

check_generic plugin for Nagios core

check_generic to call custom command on Nagios core.