Heliv Gallery3 Module for WordPress testing 2

[hgallery3 id=”2843″ height=”200″ width=”500″]

[hgallery3 id=”2880″]

Heliv Gallery3 Module for WordPress testing

But the direct link doesn’t work as I have change the theme of gallery3 from default to a custom 3nids Still looking for solution. BTW, I have found that if embedded the gallery3 album, it eats quite a lot of CPU and take sometimes to load if the album contains lot of pictures. It […]

Migration of gallery2 to gallery3

Gallery3 have released the official v1.0 recently. I have already used the RC version and I decided to migrate my gallery2 albums to the gallery3 altogether. The gallery3 have a gallery2 import module so the migration was really simple. The only hiccup was the change of the theme since the default was really not good […]