Deployed a QNAP ts-659 Pro II with 8TB and a Century external RAID box for backup

The max capacity of the QNAP is 8TB and is backup by a single 3TB disk placed in a Century external RAID box. The Century external RAID box can house a max of five 3TB disk with a max. of 12TB in a RAID5 configuration. Enough to backup the whole QNAP when the data is fully populated.

During the testing, I found that the QNAP cannot backup the sub-folder permissions to an external drive. Luckily in the QNAP community, I found that I can run a simple script in a cront job to do the export of the acls into a file and re-import from it after a data recovery. The command to export the acls is (getfacl -R * > acl.txt) and the command to import is (setfacl –restore=acl.txt). Just wonder if I can do the same the synology NAS.

After the deployment of the QNAP, I was aroused on research the ways of deploying storage through using Dell PowerEdge R510 and VMWare and various NAS based distribution like freenas8 and openfiler.  Since I am quite proficient in the Linux and samba deployment and configuration, these NAS based distribution is rather limited when compared to the QNAP and provide no advantages to me (except the zfs file system provided by freenas). One further stuff I will look into is to setup a sample samba vm with advanced windows based acl enabled. This will mimic part of the smb sharing functions of QNAP provided but without the fancy web file manager.

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