Installation of VMware ESXi 4 on ASUS P6T machine

The steps are easy. Just download the VMware esxi4 update 1 ISO and install on an USB thumb drive attached on the machine. The only stuff need to twist is the detection of the onboard Realtek 8111C NIC which the original esxi4 doesn’t support.

Following the instructions from, I replaced the /bootbank/oem.tgz with the Realtek 8168 / 8111 NICs driver oem.tgz. The detection of the on board Realtek 8111C NIC works without problem after reboot. However, one glitch which I can’t solve is that the 8111 NIC can’t be configured to contain the management network VLAN under a trunk port. ping will work but the vsphere client connection never got any response. However, the NIC works without problem as a trunk port if it is configured to be used by a guest. Anyway, it is a minor problem and my redundant VMware ESXI 4 server is up and running without problem on a box with ASUS P6T MB+Intel Core i7 920

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