Tweaking ESXi 5.0 – Adding un-supported hardware

  1. cd tmp
  2. mkdir tweak
  3. cd tweak
  4. cp /bootbank/scsi-qla.v00 scsi-qla.tgz
  5. tar -xvf scsi-qla.tgz
  6. rm scsi-qla.tgz
  7. Update and tweak the file.
  8. Modifying the file to add additional Vendor and Device ID
  9. tar -cvzf scsi-qla.tgz etc usr
  10. mv scsi-qla.tgz scsi-qla.v00
  11. cp scsi-qla.v00 /bootbank/scsi-qla.v00
  12. restart server.


See aso The anatomy of the ESXi 5.0 installation CD – and how to customize it

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