Upgrade chillispot 1.1.0 to coovachilli 1.2.3

I used chillispot as the wireless LAN captive portal for long time. It is one of the best FREE captive portal. Though it is quite simple and with less optimal performance, I used for our department’s Wireless LAN login. However, it is defunc now. The successor of it is coovachilli but the documentation of it is ….really NONE. Much of the config options need to be read from the src (conf/functions). Anyway I have tried it and at least found the my most needed features in it (Command to get user connection information and a good-looking miniportal Page). There’s no minportal sample in the stable source. I have to use SVN to get it.


In short you should use SVN to get source, compile it with openssl enabled to enable https login page.

1. svn checkout
cd coova-chilli
sh bootstrap2
./configure --prefix=/path --with-openssl
make & make install

2. The options are not fully documented in the default config file, view the functions file to get a full list. Eg : the HS_UAMUISSL, HS_REDIRSSL, HS_SSLKEYFILE, HS_SSLCERTFILE & HS_MACPASSWD
3. Moreover the default encryption for the login page password is CHAP. I can’t find the location to configure this in the config file so I have to hardcore in the login page :

edit www/
change #hs_rad_proto=$(getconfig rad_proto) to

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