Dah Ming Chiu

Professor Emeritus
Department of Information Engineering [IE]
Email: dmchiu at ie.cuhk.edu.hk

Current Projects:

  1. Smart Building: User behavior analysis, data analytic policy design, in collaboration with Lee Woo Shing College of CUHK, working with my postdoc Dr Jacky Zhan
  2. Blockchain and cryptocurrency: In search of practical and useful applications for blockchain and cryptocurrency based incentive system, working with postdoc Jacky Zhan and ASTRI
  3. On-line Social Networks and Media: User profiling, social media analysis, in collaboration with Tencent, working with my PhD student Ying Qiufang, and some colleagues in social science
  4. Smart Video Streaming: video streaming adapting to user attention, in collaboration with Kandao (start-up in Shenzhen)
  5. Data analysis for Chinese Medicine: use NLP and topic modeling to understand TCM, in collaboration with Dr Kevin Or and others.


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