IERG5590 Advanced Topics in Blockchain (Spring 2022)

The course code starts with 5, (i.e., a graduate-level class), yet undergraduates are also welcomed.
The course code starts with IERG, yet students from other programs and universities are also welcomed.
As a matter of fact, this course was offered as IEMS5709 (with BEng(IE) and MSc(IE) students)
or CSCI5590 (with exchange, BSc(CS), MSc(CS), MPhil(CS), and PhD(CS) students) before;
and marked with "also offered for Undergraduate Programme" officially for BEng(IE)/BSc(MIE).

Current student population: BBA(IBBA), BSc(CS), BSc(MIE), MPhil(IE), MSc(IE), PhD(CSE), PhD(IE)

We assume no particular background, but the course will be in a faster pace than an undergraduate course for covering the basics.
We will also cover some technical details of some latest advances.
(Slides will appear on Blackboard after the add/drop period)
(Some papers also require CUHK network to download, or you can get them from Blackboard later after we uploaded them.)

Warm-up Programming Assignment (due: 9/2 2:30pm)
  1. 12/1: Overview, Administrivia
    14/1: Introduction of Bitcoin/Blockchain
  2. 19/1: Overview of Bitcoin Attacks
    21/1: Introduction of Smart Contract
  3. 26, 28/1: Solidity, Cryptography Toolbox [First Zoom Class]
    [Lunar New Year Holiday]
  4. 9/2: Issues in Writing Smart Contracts
    11/2: Cryptography Toolbox (cont.)
  5. 16, 18/2: Public Key Cryptography
  6. 23, 25/2: Public Key Cryptography (cont.)
  7. 2/3: Public Key Cryptography (fin.)
    4/3: Privacy-Enhancing Cryptography
  8. 9, 11/3: Privacy-Enhancing Cryptography (cont.)
  9. 16/3: Privacy-Enhancing Cryptography (RingCT)
    18/3: Privacy-Enhancing Cryptography (fin.)
  10. 23/3: Project Introduction
    25/3: Online Mid-Term Examination
  11. 30/3: Myths about Smart Contracts/Dapps
    1/4: Sharding Blockchain
  12. 6/4: Sharding Blockchain (cont.)
    8/4: Payment Channel
  13. 13/4: Special Topic (or Sample Presentation)
    [15/4: Easter Holiday]
  14. [20, 22/4: No Class (to be Replaced by Student Presentations)]

Project based on Research Literature


Foundation/Cryptography: Smart Contract Security: Infrastructure:

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