ENGG 5383 Applied Cryptography (Fall 2015)

This is a graduate-level class, yet undergraduate and MSc students are also welcomed.

Class population: Like the past 2 editions, we have a mixture of Undergraduates, MSc students, and PhD students, as well as exchange students from overseas and other HK tertiary institutions.

(Notice to non-CUHK students: Semester-based Wifi Account for Engg. Bldg is available.)

Students who have taken IERG4130, other CSCI, ECLT, IEMS courses on cryptography can also take this class.
(The exclusion of CSCI5470/ENGG5105 is obsolete.)


  1. 2 Assignments [check eLearn]
  2. Mid-Term (Open-Note) x 1
  3. Project with Presentation x 1 & Report x 1
Updated Syllabus (Chinese Version)

This is a graduate-level course on cryptography. It focuses on the definitions and constructions of various cryptographic schemes and protocols, as well as their applications.
Useful tools for securing practical systems and emerging techniques in the applied research community will be introduced.
No prior knowledge of security, cryptography, or number theory is required.

Upon successful completion of the course, the students will have acquired the ability to:
  1. demonstrate knowledge and understanding of essential concepts, methods, and technologies of cryptography
  2. understand various cryptographic primitives, their security properties, and applications
  3. apply cryptographic techniques to various security designs, both practical and theoretical
  4. demonstrate awareness in latest advances in the field and what are possible to achieve with cryptography

  1. 07.09: Course Logistics
  2. 07.09: Introduction/Motivation
  3. 14.09: Encryption
  4. 21.09: Public-Key Encryption and Signatures
    28.09: [Holiday]
  5. 05.10: Security Proof and Random Oracle Model
  6. 12.10: Zero-Knowledge Proof and Applications
  7. 19.10: "More Secure" and "Fancier" Cryptosystems
    26.10: [Mid-term Exam] [Project Introduction]
  8. 02.11: Pairing-Based Cryptography
  9. 09.11: Searchable Encryption
  10. 16.11: Anonymous Credentials
  11. 23.11: Lattice-Based Cryptography and Fully Homomorphic Encryption
    30.11: [Cancelled] (Away for AsiaCrypt '15)
  12. 14.12: [Presentations Day 1, 2:30pm-]
    16.12: [Presentations Day 2, 2:30pm-]
    21.12: [Presentations Day 3, 2:30pm-]
    23.12: [Presentations Day 4, 1:30pm-]
    30.12: [Project Report Due Date]
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