Short Bio

I am an Associate Professor at the department of Information Engineering, the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) since 2018, after having worked here for six years as Assistant Professor. I received my PhD degree from Indiana University at Bloominton in 2012.

Previously, I have received my B.S. and M.E. degree in 2001 and 2004 on computer science and computer engineering respectively. From 2004 to 2006, I was working as an FPGA (Field Programmable Gated Array) logic design engineer at Harbour Networks (now acquired by Huawei) at Beijing.

For prospective students

I am still looking for new talented PhD students who are interersted in network and system security. Please send me your CV first (with email address shown on the left).

Recent updates

  • Feb 8, 2016: our group has one new paper being accepted by IEEE Security and Privacy 2016 (Oakland'16) . Click here for more information.

  • Feb 2, 2016: our group has two new paper being accepted by AsiaCCS'2016 . Click here

  • Aug 28, 2014 the home page of our lab ( System Security Lab) is online now: .

  • Aug 28, 2014: our paper has attracted lots of attentions and been reported by many influential media: reddit , The register , Yahoo News. With this link, Google can give us more media reports and coverages.

  • Aug 26, 2014: a new paper, "Your Voice Assistant is Mine: How to Abuse Speakers to Steal Information and Control Your Phone", has been accepted by ACM CCS Workshop (SPSM'2014). This is my second paper done at CUHK, and again, it is an independent work by my students and me.
    Please goto publication area for more information.

  • Jul 23, 2014: a new paper, "Acoustic Fingerprinting Revisited: Generate Stable Device ID Stealthily with Inaudible Sound", has been accepted by ACM CCS'2014. This is my FIRST paper at CUHK, and it is done independently by my students and me).
    Please goto publication area for more information.

Professional activities

  • 2014: Reviewer for IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing
  • 2014: Reviewer for IEEE Wireless Communications Magazine
  • 2014: Reviewer for Security and Communication Networks.
  • 2014: Co-organizer for 2014 CUHK Energy Day Workshop
  • 2014: PC member for ACM CCS'2014 and ISC'2014
  • 2013: PC member for ACM ASIACCS'2013
  • 2011: external reviewer for IEEE S&P and IEEE CloudComm
  • 2011: external reviewer for IEEE S&P and IEEE CloudComm
  • 2010: external reviewer for IEEE S&P and ACM CCS
  • 2009: external reviewer for IEEE S&P and WWW
  • 2008: external reviewer for ACM CCS

  • Research interests

  • My primary research interests are: Security and Privacy in Web, Clouds, smart phones, embedded systems and other distributed computing systems
  • Also interested in research on computer architecture and embedded system, especially the reconfigurable computing system
  • Current collaborated research project: Smart Solar Energy Harvesting, Storage and Utilization. For more information, please refer to home page of this project: . I works on the cyber-security part.

  • Awards

  • ACM CCS 2011 "Student Full Travel Grant"
  • 2011 runner-up award for Outstanding Research in Privacy Enhancing Technologies.
  • ACM CCS 2010 "Student Full Travel Grant"
  • USENIX Security Symposium 2009 "Student Travel Grant"