System Optimization, Interaction, and Control

Recent focus: Theory and algorithms for nonconvex optimization.

Scalable control methods for complex networks, e.g., power systems.

Networked systems with physical, information, and strategic interactions.

Faculty: Changhong Zhao (scholar | CV with publications)

PhD students/graduates

Bohang Fang (2021-present, BS: UESTC)

Heng Liang (2021-present, BE: Nanjing University)

Tong Wu (PhD 2021, primary advisor: Angela Zhang): postdoc, Cornell Tech


Wanjun Huang (2021-present, PhD: HKU)

Wei Lin (2021-present, PhD: Chongqing University)

Sidun Fang (2020-2021): faculty, Chongqing University

Short-term students/visitors

Jinyan Su (RA 2022): BS, UESTC

Xiaojie Li (RA 2021): BS, HIT-Weihai

Zhenyi Yuan (RA 2021): PhD student, UCSD

Chenxu Wang (MSc/RA 2020-2021): PhD student, CityU

Zexin Sun (RA 2020): PhD student, Boston University

Xinran Liu (MSc 2020): China Southern Power Grid